The key to overall financial happiness lies in simplicity and intentional thinking. Financial anxiety does not limit itself to households in need of money. It affects both the rich and the poor and is a very real problem that stems from the way we think about and interact with money. When our spending is not in-line with our core values and goals, we become unbalanced both financially and emotionally. Financial stress affects all aspects of our well-being and often creeps into the most important relationships in our lives. Many people live in a state of denial assuming that their financial situations will eventually work themselves out over time. The reality is that deliberate steps are needed to achieve both our personal and financial goals.  A decision to empower yourself through financial independence is an essential one. 

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Financial Independence

Financial Independence could mean having enough money to get out of debt or it could mean having enough money to never work again. Each person has his/her own unique vision of what financial independence is. The objective for each of us is to define financial independence, create a plan to achieve it, stay committed to that plan and ultimately find the peace that is achieved through reaching our goals.

A financial wellness coach should provide the road map to financial independence.
Your personalized map may include:

Alleviating Financial Stress

Retirement and College Planning

Goal Setting

Getting Out of Debt

Business Start Up Assistance

Daily Money Management

Expense Tracking

Budgeting and Forecasting

Bookkeeping Assistance

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Money Coaching Services

In the process of money coaching we will explore your relationship with money. We will look at how money has affected you in your life, what was the energy of money when you were growing up, what your current behaviors and patterns with money are and processes on how to change them if they are negative.

Free Consultations

Packages and pricing starting as low as: $125 for Individuals or $400 for Group Sessions

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Individual money coaching is designed to explore your patterns and behaviors around money.

Four-Step Process

Through the 4-step process we explore your money biography, identify from whom you’ve inherited patterns and how to manage influences.



Money dynamics begin to develop in couples based upon their individual relationships with money.

The Heart of Money

Both people in a relationship have beliefs and patterns that collectively create the issues and relationship that couples have with money.



This powerful six week process is a low cost alternative to individual Money Coaching Sessions.

Money Coaching Circles

A Money Coaching Circle or workshop is a dynamic way to help uncover, examine and transform unconscious patterns and beliefs about money.


Wealth Planning

Establish and realize your financial goals.


Accounting and planning services designed to aline your core values with your financial goals.


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